Monday, August 3, 2015

The Perfect Way to Start Your Day!

Every time we go up north to our lake house, we find more and more amazing things to do as we relax and recharge for the coming week. Our favorites (that have become our go-tos) include trips to The Coffee Mill,  hanging out on the pier, boat rides, meals at Pier 290, family walks, trips to the beach, shopping at E Street Denim, golf cart rides, laying in the hammocks, antiquing, game nights (yes, board games!), and many more!

Recently, Kaitlyn found out that there is beach yoga daily at Pier 290. As soon as she told me, I knew this would be added to the list of must-dos! We had planned to go on Sunday and headed out the door at 6:30 am. Yes, we woke up early on a Sunday, but it was oh so worth it!

 photo yoga_zpsvusz8d0r.jpg

The set-up was perfect. When we first arrived, the sand was freshly raked and the sun had begun to rise. Our view was looking out at the lake the entire time. This was hands down my favorite yoga class to date! It was challenging yet relaxing and we were both instantly more at peace and ready to start our day by the end of the hour. 

At the end of the class, I asked the instructor to show me a pose I could work on and improve on as well as get a good photo out of the deal. I mean, hey, at least I'm being honest! She showed me how to get into bird of paradise. Below is us getting into position. Here is as far as I got on my first try! Definitely something to work on and show you my progress!

 photo yoga20pose_zpsxfq3e1f5.jpg

Now lets talk yoga clothing. As Kaitlyn has said before, "Like any activity, we're more confident and motivated if we feel good about ourselves and the same thing applies to exercising." This got me thinking, before now I've only owned two pairs of yoga pants, but they are generally for relaxing days and not for working out per say. 

If I was working out, I'd grab one of those and pair it with a basic ribbed tank (or shorts and a tank), but Kaitlyn is so right. I felt better dressed for the part! And now I can't stop buying workout clothes. I guess that just means I have lots of workout time in my future! But I digress.. On this day I wore an outfit made for doing yoga in. 

 photo nike_zpslemj9qiv.jpg

 photo IMG_4276_zpsmpimg1k7.jpg

 photo yoga_zpsda3hy7fu.jpg

This top/pant combo is so great. The shirt stayed in place the entire time no matter what poses I got myself into. So that's why that make yoga tops! ;) I also am not a fan of capri pants in normal life (I'm short, so crop pants are not a good look on me), but I love these! And can we just talk about these shoes? Obviously not for yoga, but I am obsessed with them!

 photo workout20clothes_zpsgr8b1qvr.jpg

 photo yoga20clothing_zpsqbbilgam.jpg
 photo IMG_4277_zpsw438ajev.jpgLisa: Top | Pants: Target (similar)  | Shoes: Nike via KicksUSA 
Sunglasses: Ditto (use code SADB to get 1st month of designer sunglasses FREE!)

Kaitlyn: Tank: Target | Pants: Victoria's Secret | Sunnies: Old Navy

What are some of your favorite work out clothing brands? Have you ever done yoga on the beach?

Let's chat below in the comments section.