Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paradise Valley

Do you ever get dressed for the day and suddenly feel reminded of a certain song or artist? I know Lisa does from her dressing to music posts and on this particular day, I couldn't stop thinking of John Mayer's album, Paradise Valley. Whether it was the wide-brimmed hat or the wide open field that triggered my mind, it definitely became a point of inspiration for the photos...

On that same musical note, my Dad, brother and I recently had a conversation about all of the (negative) changes the music industry has seen over the past few decades and how difficult it is these days to find an artist you truly admire...someone whose album you buy just because it's them (buying music, what?) or a concert you would actually pay good money to see. 

I was hard pressed to think of many in these categories (other than T Swift, of course...the only album I've purchased in the last 10 years), but as for live music, I would definitely purchase tickets to see John Mayer...he's my go-to in the office, as I can put on any of his albums and listen straight through without feeling compelled to change the song (as I typically do...just ask my husband how much fun I am to ride with in the car). There may be some tabloid drama that doesn't always seem the most tasteful, but I've always thought he was extremely talented both lyrically and musically...listen to the Heart of Life...I love the words :) 

Shirt: Old Navy | Vest: Swap w/Lisa (Forever 21) | Jeans; Old Navy | Booties: Target (love these too!)
Hat: GAP (similar) | Bag: Swap w/Lisa (Sole Society) | Sunnies: Old Navy

Who are your current favorite artists? Do they ever inspire your style?