Monday, November 30, 2015

The Leftovers

One of the best parts (ok, THE best part) of hosting Thanksgiving is attacking the leftovers the next day. It always seems to taste even better then...perhaps it's because we can eat them in our pj's or because there's time to actually enjoy every bite. We have enough mashed potatoes left to feed all our neighbors from here to the street 3 blocks over and I've tried pawning them off on family and friends, but of course everyone has their own fridge full of goodies. So, instead of eating them as a side with every meal for the next week (thus resulting in adding 2 sizes to my waistline), I tested out a leftovers casserole which is perfect for using a lot of your ingredients in one fell swoop. 

In addition to the Thanksgiving staples (turkey, tatos, stuffing, cranberry, corn, gravy, etc.), we got a little wild and added a few bacon sprinkles to top off the casserole. It's used in lot of stuffing recipes I knew it would taste great and also served as a good way to add something new to a mixture of food we'd already been eating for a few days. 

It turned out more like a pot pie instead of a casserole which my husband LOVED. I enjoyed mixing all of the sides together to create something new instead of just heating each one up individually.

Are you still eating leftovers? What's your favorite way to do a Thanksgiving redux?

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