Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Style Survival: 10 Must-Have Items

You know the scene...Family gathering. Aunts, uncles and cousins you haven't seen in years and potential for many awkward situations. And before that family party, there's the corporate holiday event...and friendsmas...and the volunteer day...and the annual zoo lights trip. Tired yet?

What we're trying to say is there's enough chaos around the holidays to drive anyone mad so in order to keep one part of your life sane this Christmas (your closet, that is), we're 10 of our favorite holiday style necessities that are great to have on hand for any event...


There are scarves and then there are blanket scarves. Put the word “blanket” in front of any piece of clothing and it’s an automatic cozy guarantee. Plus, this is the kind of blanket that's acceptable to wear in public which is great for winter days in Chicago where getting dressed in anything besides your warm pj's seems unacceptable. 

No words need be spoken - These are a MUST.

This time of year is PERFECT for adding a little sparkle...even a graphic tee and blazer becomes holiday party chic with the addition of some glitz and glamour around your neck. 


Warm boots are a Chicago winter necessity and we're a huge fan of "duck boots" this season with a soft padded inside that keeps your feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Fun fact: Duck boots were popularized by duck hunters who waded in the marshy New England waters of Maine and Massachusetts :)


Sometimes it seems like there’s a misconception about wearing does not mean you’re not comfortable with your body - If you think about it, we wear it for the same reasons we wear a bra: for support and to look great in our clothes. The holiday season means parties and festive style on a daily basis so if there’s an option to look even BETTER in that dress, we’re certainly going to take it (especially since avoiding the cookie table isn’t an option!) 

Not to mention, Hanes has various colors and styles to mix and match with your closet…I like the nude option because they look “barely there” and the sheer black is perfect for dressing up any style. We wore them (with both open AND closed toe shoes, hello versatile!) for holiday outings and they provided just the right amount of control and shaping. 


Nothing says festive Holiday party quite like a little black or red dress. A LBD is a closet staple - a classic that never goes out of the style or misses the mark. The LRD packs an extra punch and provides a little hint of sass, especially red lace. Pair either one with black shapewear to take it up a notch and stay warm all night long! 


When the weather turns cold, we waste no time turning to cute head wear and beanies are our go-to style. Much like wide-brimmed hats in the Fall and baseball caps in the summer, beanies accentuate your style and add another element to each look. This red knit hat is the perfect pop of color for a casual look whether you're heading out to look at neighborhood lights (one of our favorite activities!) or taking a sleigh ride (Can we add this to next year's list please?)

Now is the perfect time to find your red lipstick shade for the holidays. With its festive tone and Santa-like hue, there's something magical about the brightest, purest red that makes it our go-to for the Christmas season (and, you know, every day).
A fur vest is the perfect way to stay warm during winter months without feeling too bulky. As a layering piece, it’s a practical investment to keep you cozy and as a statement piece, it speaks for itself, adding interest to any outfit with its luxurious look and feel.

Even if you're wearing all black or a monochrome palette of dark colors, you can add a bit of glitz with your accessories, specifically, a sequin clutch or bright bag. It's like mixing savory and of both worlds ;)

What are your holiday style survival items?

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