Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to get a Perkier Ponytail

Ladies, can we just talk about how much easier things have gotten for us in the fashion world lately? Current trends include athleisure (aka wearing pj's in public), sneakers with everything (even the dressiest of dresses) and the best yet, ponytails are now considered glamourous. No longer is the pony a lazy-girl staple or gym junkie stereotype...instead, it is a chic "I woke up like this" style that's even become red-carpet worthy. However, there are still a few can't just throw it up with a basic elastic and expect these results. In order to KEEP IT from looking like you're coming from the gym, you need create two things: Volume and texture, both of which are super simple.

The Volume:

I am constantly pulling the two halves of my ponytail in an effort to make it tighter and more volumized because I hate when it falls flat (as seen on the photo in the left). No matter what, it always seems to lose bounce during the day so when I was given a Perky Pony to try, I was all about it. It's literally the easiest tool I've ever used in my of those, "Why didn't I think of this" inventions. All you do is separate your hair into two pieces, insert the clip (made to match your hair color so it's not noticeable) and let down the top chunk of the ponytail so it waterfalls over the clip. This is the perfect hair fix for those snooze button-filled mornings ;)

(P.S. I'm loving this a similar one here!)

The Texture:

In reality, second-day hair (or even third if you can stand it), is the best for ponytails. Just washed hair often falls flat when pulled up but after a few days, you have some extra oils to work with, making it easier to achieve the perfectly un-perfect look. If you don't want to wait a few days and need to create some texture on your own, try a sea salt spray...these are a few of our favorites:

How do you create volume in your hair? 
Have you tried this awesome little tool?