Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Long, Cozy Cardigan

The other day I told my Dad I was a minimalist. “Ha, YEAH! That’s YOU, alright…” he replied with a snicker and a roll of the eyes. And okay, let's be honest – I was joking and it was 100% deserved. I am actually anything but…I keep every sentimental note, purchase quick-fix clothes for one-time use and feel the urge to fill every blank wall with meaningful quotes and art (Pinterest pressures!). BUT...the times, they are a changing. Or at least I’m trying... 

As I get older, I start to see the real impact “less is more” can have. Even removing 1 or 2 books from our bookshelves or 1 small piece of decorative furniture from a room actually made a difference in terms of how the room is perceived. I've learned, you don't have to fill every inch of space with decor...blank space is not only a great jam, but easy on the eyes aesthetically. 

This same idea applies to my wardrobe – I think it takes a long time to realize this, but there really are many benefits to purchasing a few staple pieces you will wear over time vs. a lot of trendy items that only satisfy current trends. Much like everything else, fashion also goes in waves, but you would be hard pressed to find a certain time or era where a white button down or navy blazer weren’t exactly on point. 

There are just certain items that will always be worth the investment – much like this long, neutral cardigan. The minute I slipped this on, I knew I would be living in it this Fall/Winter...Not only do I appreciate the length (as we all know, I’ve shared my tall girl struggles with you guys before!), but it’s also just the right material – not too heavy or light which is layering perfection.

In the midst of my quest to simplify my life (through wardrobe and decor), I've developed a crush on neutrals. I've always been a fan of bright colors and while there's a time and a place, it is much easier to get the most variety out of your clothes when you're working with a classic pallet - white, gray, brown, black, navy. Everything just flows...

P.S. These J. Jill booties are my new Fall favorites!
Not quite brown, note quite black...just neutral ;)

Do you have any tips for simplifying? Please share! Xo


Long Cardigan: c/o J. Jill
Jeans: LOFT (old but similar here)
Top: Old Navy
Booties: c/o J. Jill
Purse: c/o Sole Society
Sunnies: H&M
Necklace: Park Lane Jewelry