Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Call Me Mellow Yellow | Cabi Spring Jacket

 Spring has finally arrived and it's a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. We certainly can’t complain about the Winter we had in the Midwest but I seem to be even sensitive about the state of the outdoors due to my changing pregnancy hormones lately so needless the say, the flowers blooming in my front yard and a streak of sunshine over the weekend brought me back to life a bit.

It was a wonderful but very busy weekend. Having Friday off work was a blessing and my Mom and I spent it eating our way through Geneva. We started with a quick bite (hello orange scone!) at Graham's while we waited for our table at Buttermilk which I have been dying to try – Can we just dedicate a hot second to their coffee bar? My cousin/bestie has been raving about it for months and since I typically save coffee treats for the weekend these days, I figured it was a perfect time to try it out. When you walk into the rustic meets modern restaurant, first thing you see is a coffee bar with a menu that’s just begging to be tried. My eyes darted to the cookie butter milkaccino – I can’t even tell you what that means, but all I know is, you really couldn’t go wrong. I actually ended up ordering a slightly less sweet option, an iced toasted almond latte which was delicious and paired perfectly with my healthy start waffles…I pretend this is a real thing because it came topped with Greek yogurt and fruit. Do what we must :)

Post-Buttermilk, we took some photos, sat by the river and once we had more room in our stomachs, headed to the Sugar Path for an afternoon treat (yet ANOTHER scone...Can you tell we love to eat?) I like just sitting in their bakery, people watching and enjoying all the amazing sights & smells. I would love to own a coffee/bakery shop one day...I just feel so happy in these places filled with passion and community.


In other news, while I'm not the biggest advocate of maternity wear, my pregnancy has allowed me to play with a few styles that might regularly be a bit out of my normal rotation. Thanks to Cabi, I have added a few new Spring jackets to my collection and this yellowbutton up style is so different than anything currently in my closet. I tend to over wear my denim jacket (it’s a bit of an addiction!), so I love that this preppy alternative motivates me to mix it up and also adds a bright pop of color to any look. I liked pairing it with navy stripes, 1) because navy & yellow is an unbeatable combo and 2) because I think the prints go well together, especially since the jacket print is nice and subtle. 

Also, everyone told me I would "pop" around week 25 or 26 and wow, were they right. Here I am at 26 weeks and this belly is officially making a statement. I made it almost 5 months with friends and Family saying they could hardly tell I was pregnant...Let me tell you, nobody is saying that these days! My boy has decided he's ready to show off so here's to accepting the challenge of making this bump as stylish and comfortable as possible over the next 3 months. Wish me luck ;)


Top: Old Navy
Jeans: LOFT
Jacket: c/o Cabi Clothing
Heels: Sole Society (similar)
Scarf: Swap w/Lisa
Sunnies: Old Navy
Bag: Target
Lipstick: Lancome