Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Different Spring Break Staycation

Fact: Every now and then, life throws you a curveball that just can't be avoided. Sometimes, no matter how you try to work around it, plans are broken and we just have to go with the flow. For example, a certain pregnant gal and her husband were looking forward to a long weekend in Charleston, SC beneath the Spanish moss and among pastel colored homes...The last Spring Break just the two of us, exploring with no strings attached. But then life started to play ball and threw husband a torn ACL, making for a disappointed couple and possibly a a long road to recovery ahead, amidst all of the other changes already taking place. Not only was I sad to be missing our next adventure together but I felt so bad to hear his much of what he does is to make me happy and when he finally started playing in a regular basketball league again with his friends, he was tossed a bad hand. But like I said, there will be many instances like this in life where we must adapt and make the best of the new situation. 

 I'd have been more content with staying home for Spring Break, working on the house, continuing to prepare for the addition to the Family and enjoying some of the things in our own city... that's actually a pretty accurate description of what we ended up doing last week but please note a few things: It has been gloomy and/or rainy almost every. single. day. and it's killing me slowly. These photos were taken on a rare sunny Sunday afternoon, so do not be fooled. My mood has always depended on the weather, but this end of Winter/beginning of Spring has truly had me feeling out of sorts and wishing for a few days on the beach or another place entirely, a little more than usual. Not to mention, I cannot catch a break in the world of flu's, colds and fevers - I have been hit with one illness after another which has been very tiring so even our staycation plans were a little more couch related than planned. It's really hard when the baby takes such a toll on your immune system!

All of this combined plus the realization of how many things are shifting in our lives has made for quite the roller coaster of emotions lately. As ecstatic as I am for our new adventure (tiny little man!!), our chapter as the two of us is soon coming to a bittersweet end. So, I guess that's made me a little more starry eyed and filled with wanderlust than normal. But I digress...this is all slightly selfish, as I think about all the amazing things we've done together already (our Ireland trip being at the very top) and all the memories yet to be made. So, here's to going with the flow, stocking up on green smoothies and welcoming the sunshine back, whenever it's ready.

In other news, this whole outfit not only seemed super Spring Break appropriate but also made me feel the most like myself that I have in a while. No belly bands, no long shirts to COVER the belly band...just a comfy pair of striped linen pants, with enough stretch for me to even TUCK IN my lace top. YES PLEASE! I miss tucking in, guys! Pair it all with the chambray straw hat and I'm ready for a day in the Sun...should it ever choose to return ;) 

Thanks for listening to my rant session today - sometimes it just feels better to let it out! Xo


Top: c/o J. Jill
Pants: c/o J. Jill
Sun Hat: c/o J. Jill
Purse: Jessica Simpson (similar)
Sandals: c/o Shopbop
Sunnies: LOFT