Friday, April 28, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I always look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day, particularly because I have the best one. I realize this may sound biased but if you know her, you know I’m not exaggerating. There is nobody that loves, nurtures, cares, feels, or provides more than her and because of this, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. This year though, is even more special, because as I enter my 7th month of pregnancy, I am busy trying to wrap my head around the fact that I too, will soon be someone’s “best one” (I can only hope). So many tell me I’m already a Mom and I understand what they mean but for me, it will really ring true when I see that tiny, sweet face for the first time and realize, he is mine forever. 

My Mom is my best friend. They say that happens as you get older but when I look back over the years, I realize she always has been. Our activities and routines may have changed, but the relationship and support we offer each other remains the same. I am grateful to have memories of eating turkey sandwiches and watching Barney with her after a day at Kindergarten…enduring middle school field trips and high school dances with her unfailing support… and these days, sharing everything from coffee dates to morning walks and most recently, frequent baby advice when it all seems a little overwhelming. I am truly grateful for every stage we've experienced thus far and look forward to passing on the same kind of long lasting love to my baby boy.

There's a lot of pressure to pick out the "perfect gift" for Mother's Day, but to me, all you need is something personal to her that shows you put thought into (or something handmade, which is even better!) I will admit, I did have my Mom in mind when I picked out these items but there is something for every taste at various price points so have fun shopping! 


Three: Bloom Vase | Four: Flowers for Dreams
Seven: Floral Yoga Mat | Eight: Blush Satchel
Nine: Floral Notebook

Ten: BONUS - Instead of a material item, plan an outing for the two of you. For my Mom's birthday last month, I planned a weekend coffee date. We love trying new coffee shops in the area so I figured we could bring our laptops, order some tasty treats and spend a few hours discussing all things blog-related. My Mom is a blogger too and constantly amazes me with her great ideas and use of technology. Seriously, some of my friend's parents don't even text. "She's not a regular Mom, she's a cool Mom"... ;) 

Thanks for reading! Xo