Monday, December 1, 2014

Give Thanks For Family (& Wine!)

It was our second year hosting Thanksgiving and in the words of my cousin, "I think we need to do this every year." As much pressure as it's possible to feel when it comes to hosting a momentous Holiday, it's also a huge privilege and I look forward to making it special. 

I think I got my love of entertaining from my Mom and while nobody does it better, I like to think she taught me everything I know. She always made sure of two things: The presentation was beautiful and the table was always full because that's what brings people together. As long as there's good snacks, the conversation will follow...

This chalkboard table runner was a gift from my Aunt and I can't wait to bring it out every year. It was so much fun to read everyone's messages after the house emptied out.

My husband gave a lovely toast with two different wines from CK Mondavi including the Merlot and the Blonde Five, which I paired with a summer salad earlier this year and really enjoyed the flavors. 
I’m a fan of using this brand for special occasions, especially family-oriented because the wines are produced in the Napa Valley by the iconic C. Mondavi & Family and they are 100% American 

I almost filled an entire cart with flowers at Trader Joes but they were just too beautiful and the sunflowers make me so happy. I was there the day before Thanksgiving and it was packed but everybody was in such a good mood and the cashiers must've been delirious at that point but still making jokes..."How much turkey gravy does one REALLY need!?"
The host & hostess - download these DIY place cards for 2015!

The spiked cranberry punch recipe turned out amazing...pretty sure the host isn't supposed to have the first cup but I couldn't stay away ;)
I love when everybody is seated around the table - if only for a few hours, everybody's stress and problems fade away and we just focus on the time together

100 calorie pumpkin pie tartlets...gotta love a bite-sized dessert! 
Not pictured: The hot chocolate cheesecake. I have no words...

How was your Thanksgiving? What made it memorable?