Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blogger Confessions: Volume 3

Today is not about an outfit post. Or a recipe. Or a swap. It's a confession...much like this one and this one tooTruth: I have an active case of FOMO. Back in middle and high school, I remember filling up days in my planner months in advance because I loved having things to look forward to. I don’t like missing out.

When I hear are friends are getting together, I am the first one to drop what we’re doing or cancel other plans. When I find out about an event “everyone” is going to, I struggle to feel content with missing it. I rarely find myself saying no to events, whether they are social, blogger related (there are a ton!) or work related and this tends to lead to feeling overwhelmed and slightly stressed..

I start to crave kicking back on the couch with a Netflix marathon or a being given the time to 
actually finish a book... then when it actually comes time to do those things, I STILL feel like I should be utilizing my time better. Crazy, right? My husband’s 20 minute naps turn into 2 hours and I can’t force myself to sit down for 2 minutes.

I recently read about something called the "Active Recovery Method” and I loved the meaning. Active recovery means do something fun, but not planned or regimented. This is meant to help you get back into the flow of things because a lot of times a lot of times, a couch weekend can make you feel even more tired, not renewed. 

For example, the author of this feature shared how happy she felt on a random Sunday afternoon when her young daughter decided to spend the day exploring, getting their nails done, going for a long walk, testing out hula hoops. Active Recovery. Because none of it was scheduled or planned, it was much more special.

Just like walks with this little face and those few seconds we take just to smell the flowers. So it’s not to say that I can’t enjoy a laid back movie night – It’s more of me just realizing that instead of writing something on every calendar day of the week, it’s okay to leave some blank and see what happens… no schedule, no rushing, no pressure. 

So, the FOMO cure is vacation behavior meets spontaneity. What do you guys think of this method?