Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Confessions of a Blogger: Volume 1

Sometimes, you don't want to take outfit photos outside when it's -7 degrees. Sometimes, you don't  have time to blog your look until 8:00PM because you worked out, went to work, threw dinner together and worked an upcoming event until it was time to sleep and do it all over again. 

Sometimes you realize that you've already worn this sweater three times and somehow managed to not snap photos so you have to throw it on and just make it work. Sometimes, you feel so bloated due to so much weekend fun that you can't stand the thought of posing for an #ootd...

Let me back up a bit: Lisa and I spent this evening together getting ready for our upcoming #SwapInTheSuburbs event and decided to squeeze in some outfit photos. I'm not typically a fan of shooting inside (especially so late in the evening with no natural light) but I'm getting real cranky about the wrath of Chiberia, so alas, here I am on my couch. Before Lisa started snapping, I quickly grabbed my favorite coffee cup and started rearranging our PILES of party decor on my table and Lisa said, "wait, what are you doing?!"

Than I stopped and thought for a moment: I don't drink coffee at 8:00pm. My table was nowhere NEAR clean. My dog had dropped crumbs (in the midst of sharing our snacks with him) all over my carpet. And lezbihonest, if Lisa wasn't over, I would have been in a really embarrassing (but SUPER comfy) pair of pj's by this point.

This situation brought up a point I continuously encounter in my head: Why do we as bloggers feel the need to stage every second of our lives? I realize this makes me sound like half a hypocrite because I love lay flat photos and lovely detail shots on Instagram as much as the next #fblogger (and fully intend to continue sharing these because I actually love creating a beautiful picture). 

However, it tends to makes me feel a little fraudulent. Sometimes I question how blogging, which is supposed to essentially read as an online novel about your life, has turned into more fiction than non.

Sweater: c/o Sheinside | Scarf: Target | Jeans: LOFT (similar) | Boots: Sole Society (now just $20!)
Earrings: Kate Spade | Bag: Sole Society | Mug: Coffee Mill | Swap Pillow: custom made on Tiny Prints

So, no...there wasn't coffee in that cup, and while it's one of my favorites, it just didn't serve any purpose in this moment. And while I'm debating whether or not that's okay with me, I'll just continue to let my 50 lb dog sit on my lap, because that IS real life and one of the best chapters in my story ;)

What are your thoughts on staging photos for the blog and social? Let us know...