Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Irresistible Braids

Over the past year/year in a half, I've tried a variety of different hair lengths - shoulder-length, a lob, an actual bob, very long with extensions, longer in the front and so on. I change my mind often, never on the color, but always the length - When I see Lucy, I immediately want to cut my hair short with blunt ends. But then I come across yet another flawless picture of Blake and lusting after the short bob becomes a thing of the distant past. At the heart of my personal style, I am just a girl who loves long, beautiful hair…but for those brief moments in time when I change my mind, there is a simple solution: Extensions. 

As you guys know, I had beaded weft extensions in previously for about 3 months and I had so much fun with the process…the only thing I didn’t love was sleeping on them so to combat that, I decided to try clip-in extensions from Irresistible Me which you can put in and remove any time you want. I had been following them on IG for awhile and was really impressed with how natural they looked on everyone. The best part of these is the ease of use...Even if you just want longer hair for a few hours or a certain event, it takes no more than 10 minutes to attach the whole set, making for a fast new look!

I would wear a different style braid every day (if I didn’t hit the snooze button so often) and the extensions make braid looks so much more fun to play with! Not only is the length gorgeous but you have so much more hair to work with so you can make them as fat and messy as you want. This was my first time styling these, so I look forward to mastering the process and trying different looks. Next on my extensions list, I'm aiming for a fishtail or pull-through braid…stay tuned!

P.S. - If you have liked Sisters Marie on Facebook, you can see all the ways we have styled extensions in the past...Warning: Waves ahead.

How do you change up your look? 
Have you ever tried extensions?


Top: Target (old but similar here)
Jeans: Old Navy
Jacket: J. Crew (similar)
Boots: Gilt (old but similar here)
Bag: Just Fab
Hat: Neff via Amazon
Necklace: Target (similar)
Glasses: RayBan via Ditto (Get your first designer pair free with code SISTERSMARIE)