Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 Ways to Refresh Skin for Spring

As you get older, there are so many little things that change without you even noticing. For example, our group of friends was hanging out last Friday night…girls drinking wine, guys drinking beer and both groups gathering in the kitchen for pizza with a side of life updates. This is not a rare scene – the unusual moment was around 11 o’clock when my girlfriend asked if anyone wanted coffee. We all sort of paused, laughed about how a few years ago we would have (still) been doing shots and unashamed, gave in to the caffeine and the fact that things have changed a bit.

The same sort of transitions happen to your skin as you get older – I used to feel like I could leave the house makeup free but now, I at LEAST make sure my eyebrows are done, even if I'm heading to the gym. I spent so many years in the sun, actively trying to enhance my already very noticeable splashes of freckles and now, can’t imagine skipping the SPF. As we start to wise up about taking care of ourselves, we realize how vital it is to baby our skin and treat it right early on. This is even more accurate for Midwestern girls who endure harsh winters year after year, as cold months can take as much of a toll as the warm ones and now that Spring is (supposedly) on the way, we need to prepare.

I am just learning how to treat my skin and lately, I have been going straight to the source when I have questions. Please let me introduce you to my wonderful friend, Katt, owner of Grafin Skin & Beauty in the western burbs. Her studio is home to customized one-on-one beauty rituals and essentially any skincare service you could imagine. Katt did my makeup for my wedding and we made an instant connection because not only is she good at what she does (with 17 years of experience including a-list celebrity work), but she’s also one of the most genuine people I've met and would do anything to make her clients feel their best. In a recent blog post, she shared 10 easy tips for rejuvenating your skin after winter and I thought they were perfect for sharing...Enjoy!

Clean start, clean out your makeup bag
BOYS: don’t think you get off Scott free, I’ve seen your shave bags

Drink 1 more glass of water than usual
For some of us this just means try water for the first time, that’s OK no judgement

I opt for an enzyme, my favorite is Intensive Exfoliating Gel from GM Collin, just 10 minutes like a mask during my first coffee

Wash your makeup brushes
Seriously, this takes 5 minutes.  Just use water and your favorite shampoo.  Just make sure you dry them bristles down to avoid mildew

10-20 minutes with a nice mask to feed your skin. It’s been winter, I drink too much coffee, I’m going to opt for the Hydramucine Cream Mask because I’m dehydrated

Remove Makeup before Bed
Ok *gasp* sometimes we all forget on Saturday after that (third) glass of wine but it's SO so important. Makeup remover wipes pretty much do the work for you, try keeping a package by your bedside 

Molar Monday
New toothbrush, because you know you should and your dentist gave you a free one! Heck get crazy… floss!

Eye See You
Give your eyes extra attention today, maybe relax with a set of Eye Patches or a new mascara, or both 

Kiss Off
Make an at home lip treatment with sugar and lip balm. Gently rub on your lips to remove the dead skin.  So easy and pretty tasty too.

Gin and Juice
Saturday again, before you go out and get crazy, how about a juice? My favorite is Granny Smith Apples, Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon and a dash of Cayanne

*BONUS: Mask and Meditate
Just 15 minutes for you is all I ask, even if you have to hide from your dogs in the back of your closet (the struggle is real!)

What changes have you noticed in your skincare routine? 
Do you have any seasonal tips to share?