Monday, April 4, 2016

(Fashion) Rules Were Made to Be Broken

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I truly don't have any rules I follow when putting outfits together anymore. If I want to wear a midi skirt over a dress, then that is what I am going to do. White after Labor Day? Yes please! And don't even get me started on pairing brown and black together (how can some of you not think this is a match made in heaven?). My point is, fashion rules are made to be broken. Or more importantly the rules you have made for yourself, fashion wise, should not be taken so seriously!

Your outfit can be an expression of your mood, how you wish the weather was (bring on the bright colors!), or on this day, pushing the boundaries of what you thought you could get away with. I have been pairing dresses under skirts on this blog since 2012 and I still love this concept. No one is reinventing the wheel here, but it's a great way to get more wear out of your dresses. You also end up feeling like your wardrobe is larger then it actually is, which is a plus for someone on shopping lock down such as myself.

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This midi skirt of Kaitlyn's is one of my fast favorites and I can not wait to wear it again! The pairing was made for the transitional weather we are currently having and a denim jacket was the right finishing touch. I obviously needed a pop of mint in the bag and amazing retro heels to finish the look off. Spring is in the air and the lighter hues are due to come out. A lot! Love me a simple outfit that feels more put together then it actually is, don't you? 

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Dress: Old Navy (similar) // Skirt: Forever 21 (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Bag: Target (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Shoes: Express // Sunglasses: D&G via Ditto (use code "sistersmarie" to get 1st month designer glasses for FREE!) // Necklace: Rocksbox 

Here's a look at how I have styled my dress in the past: 
 source // source

What are some fashion rules that you love to break? Are you stuck in a fashion rut? 
Try adding a dress under a skirt and see how much bigger your wardrobe feels. You will love it, I promise!