Friday, July 22, 2016

Current Obsessions: Lisa

This past month has been a whirlwind. The day we moved into our new home, the unpacking began. I went hard for the first 14 days, getting through 90% of all boxes and bins. I am yet to hang up more then 4 items on my walls (or paint my walls for that matter), but I am finally at a point where I am living here and not just working on it daily. Hey, we need to enjoy our summer a bit too, these kids are not going to watch themselves!

Each day I find myself saying "I'm obsessed with that!" over and over so I decided to share with you a few of my current obsessions. In the past I have shared more fashion and beauty items, but this time around there are quite a few home items as well.

PUREOLOGY Densifying Spray  photo 5X6A0097_zpsd9yylcik.jpg 
This stuff is amazing. My hair is super fine, so this give my strands a bit of a coat and makes it feel and look more dense. Summer hair for me is either air dried and as is or air dried and curled so this product is really helping me!

 photo 5X6A0082_zps1bcuxkzl.jpg 
With wedding season upon us, this stuff is a must! I recently used it at a bridal shower and I was back in my heels and ready to help out with the gifts and photos in no time. It is small enough to tuck into your purse, and so easy to apply. To use, you simply pump it into your hand and rub it on your sore feet. Wait about a minute to dry and back in your heels, pain free, you go!

My Bedroom Nook
 photo 5X6A0101_zpsd49ctdwl.jpg  photo 5X6A0102_zpsaiktdkfl.jpg 
Each morning I sit in this seat and doing my morning blog work while drinking my coffee. It is super cozy and just the perfect little room nook! I also love sitting by the window and writing in my journal or reading a book at night. I am just obsessed with this spot in my bedroom! I found both the chair and the table on Amazon, and the false flowers with vase at Home Goods.
(similar chair, similar table)

Fresh Flowers on my Kitchen Table
 photo 5X6A0117_zpszcxfjx1z.jpg 
Living in a small town surrounded by farms allows for lots of fresh cut flowers. I have been grabbing new ones each time I go out and keeping my kitchen (and bathroom for that matter) stocked with fresh blooms. My sunflowers were actually a gift from my mother-in-law and I am loving them!

Cherry Blossom & Peony Candle 
 photo 5X6A0109_zpsvmdxunzr.jpg 
This scent is amazing! I have been using it while I take a bath or even at night while we watch TV in the loft. It really makes the entire house smell so good!
(similar scent)

 photo 5X6A0125_zpsm6wnln1b.jpg  photo 5X6A0128_zpsqgspp4qr.jpg
I recently picked this beauty up at Pier 1 and I am obsessed! I can not wait to start my gallery wall going up my stairs now that I have a center point. Sure, I may not begin this project until the Fall, but I can see what is to come and I love it. 
What are you currently obsessed with? It can be product or places...let's chat in the comments section below!