Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday Mornings with Vinyl

Every year, I seem to end up with some sort of electronic or tech item on my Christmas wish list. Last year, it was a new camera lens and the year before, an upgraded phone. This holiday was no different...except that my request was a bit surprising to those shopping for me, as it pre-dates my existence. I have had a crush on turntables for a while now. For die hard fans, it's something that's never gone away and might be hard to watch Millennials and younger jump on board, for fear that they are indulging in a fad. But for me, it's not something I hoped to own because it helped me check a box in any certain category. It's the fact that there is something special about the crackle when the arm hits the spinning plastic and the old time vibes it offers to a cozy living space. 

My parents have one in our fireplace room at the Lake House and every time we're all there, we find ourselves gathering around it to share conversation, drinks and Sinatra...Who by the way, is the main reason I wanted one of my own. I listen to the Rat Pack and various crooners on a daily basis via Spotify but that definitely takes a back seat to hearing them on vinyl. It's the perfect complement to our lazy Sunday mornings, where slippers are mandatory and breakfast comes without an alarm. And if it's raining outside? SO MANY BONUS POINTS.

It's charming, romantic and a true piece of happiness in our home.
One of my favorite things about owning the record player is seeking them out at different antique and second hand stores. There is excitement in not knowing what you're going to find because each time is a different experience. Even if you're searching for one in particular, chances are you will find 10 more along the way that would make solid additions to your collection. 
Frugal Muse is a local, independent shop not too far from me, with a wide variety of new and gently used gems including books, cd's, dvd's and records. I also love shopping for them at the Randolph Street Market - I went over the Summer with a few of my favorite ladies (also, turntable owners) and we spent a good half hour digging for gold and sharing memories about how various albums have impacted each one of us in different generations. That's one of the best things about music...its ability to bring people together.
I'm currently on the hunt for a Fleetwood Mac album (for less than $30, that is!) so I'll keep my eyes peeled... in the meantime, you can find me listening to Ella's greatest hits on repeat. 

In the post:
Turntable: Crosley
Records: Frugal Muse
Ladder: Amazon
Slippers: UGG (His & Mine)
Red Christmas Truck (That I'm not ready to put away): Target - On sale for $6!