Friday, February 24, 2017

BeautyCounter Nourishing Face Line

Taking care of our skin becomes so much more of a priority with each year that passes. If only we really listened to all the advice we got when we were younger…like, baking in the sun for hours really WILL turn you into a leathery sandbag after a matter of time and no, it’s not worth the way you look in that swim suit. If you’re lucky, you start to wise up early on and realize how precious your skin is, especially on your face. It’s the only one you’ll be given so it’s important to treat it right and we are always looking for brands who really support this motto at their roots. 

On that note, we recently tried a nourishing face line from the Beauty Counter, a brand devoted to progress and empowering information about ways we can all make the world healthier.

The line includes the following:

1) Cream Cleanser: Gently washes away impurities and makeup
2) Day Cream: Locks in moisture throughout the day 
3)  Night Cream: Softens skin and locks in moisture
4) Eye Cream: Treats the delicate area around your eyes
5) Exfoliator: Buffs away dryness, revealing radiant skin


I have been so pleasantly surprised with this full line. The smell is cohesive across the board, it reminds me of a beautiful soap you would find at a spa. I really love how thick the eye, day cream, and night cream all are. A small amount really goes a long way, which is always a plus in my book. 

My skin had a beautiful glow to it after only one week of use and the blemishes I had cleared up within two days (Coincidence? maybe). I really love how hydrated my skin felt after applying the night cream. You can totally tell it was locking in moisture and I woke up fresher faced. I plan to keep using the line and I love that I have a couple packs of these smaller bottles. Perfect for all the travels I have coming up! 


I am one of those people we talked about above, who is just now realizing all of the reasons why our skin deserves so much TLC. I started out by looking for a good night cream and wrinkle minimizer because even though I'm only 30 and have decent looking skin, I do have noticeable crows feet beginning to appear around my eyes (probably from all the smiling I do, of course) so my goal is to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse. 

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with how many products there are that supposedly offer the same benefits  -- How do you know which one is really worth spending your money on? So, I loved trying this line from BeautyCounter because it's every product I need in one package and by sampling it, I got to test the validity of it all before investing any more. I am loving everything so far, especially the night cream. My face feels really soft after going through the process and that's a great feeling before going to sleep! 

What is your skincare routine like?