Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spring Swing Dress

I just want to dedicate this blog post to this special day in where it's 70 degrees on a Chicago February day. Not in 30 years can I recall a similar occurrence - In fact, it's usually around this time when I start frantically looking for cheap flights to anywhere but here because I can no longer stand my Winter jacket. But this week is different. It's a well-deserved, though certainly not normal, welcome break from the long string of gray skies and hibernation we have endured. For all the times we ask ourselves, "Why do I live here?," we now start to remember. That moment when you can finally breathe outdoors again in the Midwest is so appreciated because it always seems like decades have passed since you dined on your deck or went for a run on actual pavement...or wore a dress WITHOUT tights. SWEET FREEDOM!

I took a chance on that last one and ran with it, as I'm certain this weather isn't here to stay. I was grateful for every minute spent outside in this lightweight swing dress (on major sale, BTW), which feels more like pj's than casual wear because it's made of tencel, the softest material I never knew existed - FYI, it's a cotton alternative made from natural fibers. PLUS, the swing style is more than perfect for this preggo gal...these days, I love things with a little extra room.

As for a mini bump update, baby and I are feeling pretty great as we close in on 18 weeks. Honestly, I only feel pregnant in the sense that my clothes no longer fit like they used to (holy Dolly Parton changes!). My belly has been on a growth spurt so I finally gave in and bought a few new pairs of regular jeans (just sized up) AND a two pairs of maternity jeans, panels and all (review to come!). 

I can't say I'm in love with the style of the elastic band around the waistline but they definitely offer some comfort & relief, whereas my "rubber banding plan" for my regular jeans has grown a bit tired. I think this means it's about time to invest in a belly band too...Lisa highly recommends it for getting more use out of your go-to pairs of jeans, plus I think it's a Mom-to-be right of passage sort of deal :) 


P.S. My beautiful Mother/best friend graciously snapped these photos for me (as she does quite often and I am so thankful!), and suggested I go for the "Mary Tyler Moore" to end our shoot. "Throw your jacket up in the air, it will be great," she said. I sighed, assuming it would be ridiculous but you know what? That tiny moment was fun and had us both laughing...a great reminder that it doesn't pay to take anything too seriously. You're gonna make it after all ;) 

Cheers to Sunshine & sightings of Spring!


Dress: c/o J. Jill 
Jacket: Old Navy - Similar
OTK Boots: Amazon - Similar & here
Bag: Old Navy - Similar
Hair Clip: Headbands of Hope - Similar under $15
Sunnies: LOFT