Friday, May 5, 2017

Tales From a Shoe Addict

In my master bedroom, I have three bookcases that currently house my seasonal shoes. In my last home these shelves held books in our front room, but when we moved I had this vision of them holding my shoes in my office. On moving day, my husband had the movers bring them into our master bedroom. The wood is the same color as our bedroom set and he said "we have the room!". Hubby of the year! ;) As the movers were leaving I asked them to help me hammer out the back wood so they were open shelves. I liked the idea of having the wall exposed behind the displayed shoes and I love how it turned out. Now we just need to paint our room (well every room in our home), but I digress... 

As you can see by the photo below, by the end of the season, the organization gets away from me a bit. Shoes are no longer in the correct spots and other items end up on the shelves too. I mean why is there bug spray & a bag on there? I realize this is a large space, but this is not all of my shoes. My riding, winter, rain, and OTK boots are in my closet or in their original boxes keeping them in good, dust free condition. As you can see, there are no spring and summer shoes out either, so twice a year I rotate what is on display. Here is what my fall and winter shoes looked like by the end of the season. Ok, maybe a few spring pairs were taken out as I stated wearing them, but they had no where to go and shelves got over stuffed. 


I took out all my crop boots and put them in a case under my bed. This way, if I want to wear any of those year round, they are easily accessible. The other heels and boots I boxed up in clear shoe boxes and put them in the closet. Time to bring out out all of my sandals and strappy heels! Here is what my shoe case looks like now in all it's color coded and not over stuffed glory. 


I just love when it's all fresh and new looking. Not only does it make my room seem more organized, this makes getting ready each day so much quicker. It also makes styling outfits for photo shoots more fun as I can see all of my options. This actually isn't all of my shoes either, I have four pair that I keep in our mudroom to make getting out the door each day with the kiddos much faster. Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a shoe addict! 

How do you organize or display your footwear? Are there any shoes you are dying to pick up this season? I spy a few above that I'd love to add to my display! (Hello palm print flats!!!)