Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Style Icons


Jennifer Aniston
Ms. Aniston has been one of my favorite celebrities since FRIENDS, being that it is my favorite show of all time and she seems like a genuine person, but it is her style that never fails to impress me. What I love most is that it always looks effortless, yet completely pulled together. Nobody else can look that gorgeous in a traditional pair of blue jeans and a basic tank top...I guess her 14k gold accessories and perfect hair don't hurt.

Blake Lively
It's no secret that THE Gossip Girl has a great wardrobe on the show, but this also translates to her real life, where she is one of few actresses that chooses not to utilize a stylist. The ensembles she puts together are so cleverly constructed that any professional help would just be a hindrance to her unique flair. Who else would think to put a black glitter skirt over an over-sized denim men's button down with a tan wide belt (far right) Amazing. Let's be honest though, those long legs and sex hair that ALWAYS looks just right give her an easy base to work with. 

Rachel Bilson
A shimmery modern pant suit, tuxedo cami, and shorts over tights: This is one girl who is not afraid to take risks, and I have yet to see her in the Fashion Police because it consistently works for her. Her tiny frame must require some serious clothing alterations, but her outfits always end up looking like they were custom made for her. She definitely abides by my "don't follow the trends rule." She wears what she feels comfortable in which always results in her looking great.


Olivia Palermo
I want access to this girls closet (and not in a creepy I'm going to rob you way! lol)! I don't know if I've ever seen her in the same outfit twice, but she is always styled flawlessly. I love how she is constantly evolving and trying new things (mixing textures and prints), she's great style inspiration for sure! 

Nicole Richie
What's not to love? This fellow mommy always looks so boho chic. I've always felt like I would have been a great flower child, so it only makes sense that I look up to a modern day flower child for fashion inspiration! I love how she can rock a maxi dress or jeans and a tee with a head piece and look uber chic. I am a fan or comfort and still want it to look amazing and I think Nicole is a great example of someone who also does this, and does this well! 

Rachel Zoe
Oh Rachel, how I love thee. ;) This is another closet I would go "bananas" in! I think her jewelry collection alone would cause anyone to be envious, but along with having an amazing collection of vintage and designer clothes she just makes styling looking so effortless. Weather she tosses on a hat with a dress or layers some fur over her cute skinny jeans and blouse, Rachel is always looking great! 

Who are your favorite style icons? Do tell.