Friday, July 11, 2014

Peaked my Pinterest: Watermelon Cake

The minute I came across this image on Pinterest, I knew I had found the ultimate recipe for our annual 4th of July party. I have been out of control obsessed with watermelon lately -- like, I'm concerned I might sprout seeds if I eat one more piece (#sorrynotsorry). It's so refreshing and makes such an easy lunch when combined with arugula, feta cheese and balsamic mouth is watering just typing about it!

You can usually count on me for a party dessert (cupcakes specifically), so I wanted to stick with a healthier option this year, as I knew there would PLENTY of sweets to go around. How cool that this looks like a typical cake from the outside but provides a shock factor when you cut in and realize it's made of fruit...

Check out how easy this process was...

1) Cut off all watermelon rinds

2) Cover whole watermelon in lite whipped cream (or if you have more time, make this vanilla version)

3) Coat entire watermelon in sliced almonds

4) Add blueberries on top of watermelon for festive red, white and blue look

 If you're skeptical of this strange combination of flavors, don't be! The sweet, juicy watermelon; crunchy almonds; tart berries; and fluffy whipped cream taste refreshing and light together. It was the perfect summertime dessert! 

What do you think of this recipe? What is your fruit of choice this season?