Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Twenty-Six Miles Across the Sea...

My husband and I spent a perfect last day of our Catalina Island visit at the beach, Descanso to be exact. We rented two lounges right next to the ocean and spent the day drifting in and out of naps, enjoying the BBQ that was served for lunch and conjuring up semi-realistic situations that would allow us to move there. I, the island photographer and husband, manager of the Catalina Conservancy… (We can dream, right?)

It was this day that we realized how polar opposite we are of each other - while it's something we already knew (and maintain that it's what always makes things exciting), it's truly laughable sometimes. The day started out in the high 60's with a sky full of clouds -- Husband was in heaven, as he despises laying directly in the sun. He maintained that it was the "best weather ever," perfect for nodding off and drinking more than a few rum based drinks. I, however, was curled up in a ball wearing multiple layers (including husband's towel) shivering and just praying for the sun to come out. 

Sure enough, a few hours later. the afternoon turned bright and beautiful and how quickly the roles reversed. The minute the sun came out, the towel went back to my husband who draped it over his head to avoid any unnecessary sweating, whereas I was "a pig in shit" (his words, not mine)...the water was bluer, the DJ got louder and the layers came off. My mood is hugely affected by the sun but I guess we can say the same for him...just in a Freaky Friday kind of way ;)

Dress: Golden Tote (swap w/ Lisa)  // Sweater: Old Navy (similar) // Hat: Fashion Q // Sunglasses: Old Navy // Sandals: LOFT (similar)

See how much more beautiful everything is in the sun? Sigh, men are from Mars alright… ;)