Friday, October 3, 2014

Connecting the Dots

We recently celebrated our Grandmother’s 85th birthday and every year on that day, I count my blessings that she’s still healthy (relatively) and happy. However, part of me always wonders if this year will be the last, so I try to treasure these moments as much as I can, even conversations like the following:

Grandma: “So, those shoes are the new style these days?”
Me: “Booties? Yeah, I guess so, they’re pretty popular. What do you think of them?”
Grandma: “You DON’T want to know what I think of them”…

Lisa, our girl cousins and I are used to comments like this, as she often doesn’t understand current trends in fashion and pop culture. I remember how confused she was that I was wearing blue shoes for my wedding (“don’t you want to wear satin white?”) but on the day of, she told me how beautiful they looked. I have to remind myself how different things looked to her in the late 20’s and 30’s when she was a young woman.

It’s easy to get irritated when she doesn’t understand things that seem so simple to us. Then I think about how fast the world flies by her as she watches it from the window in her condo, her comfort zone, and I realize she’s just trying her best to keep up and connect the dots…but aren’t we all?

Jacket: Forever 21 (for sale in my closet) // Top: Old Navy // Skirt: Old Navy // Booties: Just Fab (similar)
 Hat: Nine West (via BISTM- Lisa's Closet)  (similar) // Bag: Just Fab (similar) // Sunglasses: Old Navy