Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going to Great Lengths

I remember the day I went to my hair dresser and told her I wanted to dye my hair black - I brought in an "inspirational" photo of Ashlee Simpson circa 'Pieces of Me.' My hair girl pretty much had the same response my Mom did when I told her the idea: Hell no. Thank God that phase was short-lived and I moved on... Once I remembered that whole "I'm Irish with pale skin and freckles" thing, jet black hair seemed a little out of the question. 

11 years later and I still have not touched these locks - no dye, high lights or cuts that would make me cry (like a few of those dance up-do's back in the day). I love my natural color, especially after sun time in the summer, and I'm afraid I would never get it back. 

But like most, I do get the itch to mix things up now and then so I was excited when I heard Lisa's contact for extensions was coming back in town. I have always been a fan of long flowing hair (Blake Lively is my ultimate #WCW) and since I had recently chopped my hair after my wedding, I figured this was a great way to get a new (non-permanent) look.

Sweater: BISTM (Lisa's closet) (similar) // T-shirt: Victoria's Secret // Jeans: Old Navy // Bag: Just Fab
Shoes: Just Fab (similar) // Necklace: Rachel Roy // Sunglasses: Old Navy

What do you think of extensions? How do you keep your look fresh?

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