Friday, December 19, 2014

Boyfriend Style (With a guys POV!)

When it comes down to it, us Midwestern kids just want to be comfy and cozy during the polar vortex months. As opposed to summer crop tops, instead we choose over-sized sweaters and anything that feels “lived in.” A sweater with a little extra room paired with distressed boyfriend denim is the “basic” winter uniform…just throw in a Starbucks red cup for Instagram, please ; )

But like so many other fashion choices, this one leaves us wondering what the guys think...We THOUGHT they didn't think anything baggy was cute, but we decided to ask our husbands, just to be sure…

Ryan (Lisa's husband): I've always thought the idea of a girl wearing my old t-shirt, or sweater was pretty attractive, in kind of a "college sleepover" kind of way. As for a girl wearing my jeans, I think it could work with some of my tighter, more-tapered jeans, but maybe not so much my more-relaxed, "weekend" jeans, ha.  Lisa, you may start  to find more of my clothes "laying around" the house (well, more than usual, at least). Maybe you should try some on!

Lisa: Will do, babe! I never do think to borrow from your closet, but I bet I could get some use out of quite a few items. The wheels are turning...I, however, am obsessed with this style. I love relaxed/boyfriend denim paired with cozy knits and heels. It's great for everything from everyday wear to weekends and even dinners out.

Mike (Kaitlyn's husband): I'm not a fan of the boyfriend jeans. Girls generally look more put together than us men, and wearing those, you would look like you woke up and threw anything on - in this case, however, I realize you would have put much thought into getting that "I woke up like this" look. The sweater is fine with me - it looks comfortable and I'm not one that needs a woman to wear tight clothes to look attractive. Plus, it balances nicely with the girly shoes.

Kaitlyn: Can we just talk about how my husband references heels as "girly shoes?" I think that's both cute and endearing. I also enjoy that you're on board with comfort because this girl isn't worried about showing skin in Chicago temps!

Thanks to our men for sharing their thoughts! Stay tuned for the next guy's point of view...