Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kaitlyn's Top 10: 2014

I have been a part of the blogger world for 3 years now and 2014 holds a special collection of style moments for me. Nothing can compete with my number one #OOTD from last year but as I looked back through more recent posts, I realized how much I continued to step out of my box.

As someone who doesn't typically like big changes, I felt good about taking trying to new styles. When it comes to hair, I stuck with the long bob for awhile (if you know me, that's a big one) then got extensions (missing those mermaid locks!). Fashion wise, I swapped out skinny jeans for flared denim (hello, flattering!) and fedora's for wide-brimmed (who knew boho could be so fun?) 

Check out some of my favorite OOTD's from 2014: 

How has your style evolved throughout the years?