Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Pack for Europe in the Spring!

Before I know it, I will be taking off for Ireland for the trip of a lifetime with my husband. Even though we have been pinning and gathering resources for days, it still does not feel real. Perhaps that's because of how spontaneous this decision was - with another challenging Chicago winter under our belts, we have been itching for a change of scenery and a break in the routine so we considered a few places on our must-go lists including Charleston, New Orleans and Austin, Texas...

Hours later, here we are with flights booked to Ireland...while it may be considered slightly irresponsible, we figured that's still allowed at this point in our lives. The responsibilities will only increase in the coming years (don't worry Mom, kids are still in the plan!) so we decided this was a great time to make the trip we've always dreamed of. We are so excited and I can’t wait to share the journey with you guys.

I have traveled overseas a few times before (England, London, Rome, Switzerland), so I am taking this opportunity to learn from my mistakes (including poor choices for walking shoes and trying to be stylish and not practical. I know, I thought this was stylish? Really?) 

Plus, I read a great tip from Jess who just made the trip to Ireland...she suggested keeping everything in the same color scheme - that way everything you pack will be easy to mix and match. 

SHOES: We plan on doing quite a bit of walking so running/walking shoes are a must plus a solid pair of waterproof boots and perhaps one pair of flats for dinner's out.

OUTERWEAR: The weather is currently in the high 40's-low 50's and it tends to be damp/windy so a few different outwear options sounds smart including a rain jacket, wind breaker and anorak jacket, all the perfect addition to various layers.

BAGS: Once we leave our home base in the morning, I don't anticipate being back unit the end of the day so a backpack is key to carry everything I need for sightseeing including my camera, wallet, brush, hand warmers and map.

ACCESSORIES: Sunnies, scarves & a beanie are great ways to add some flair to your outfit but also necessary for staying warm. 


Traveled overseas before? Would love to hear your tips!