Friday, April 24, 2015

A Weeknight Dinner in Less Than 5 Minutes

Sometimes you just don't want to cook -- Either we have a crazy busy weekend, leaving no time or desire to grocery shop (Enter, Peapod!) or if we have all ingredients, but we get home at 6:30 or 7, we just don't want to spend time at the oven.

One day last week, my husband had an evening staff meeting so we only had about a half hour for dinner and he suggested picking something up. Instead, I whipped up sweet potatoes, pasta salad and turkey with gravy in less than 7 minutes, literally. I am slightly obsessed with these entrees that can be refrigerated and heated up in minutes. It's certainly easier (and healthier) than paying for a burger and fries, plus it leaves more time for going to the gym or catching up on House of Cards...priorities ;)

For leftovers the next day, you can make an open-faced sandwich with the turkey and gravy fixings. Just serve warmed chicken breast and gravy over toasted bread and sprinkle with pepper.

What is your go-to simple dinner?