Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Dog, Happy Life

When it comes to our dog, we are those people. You know, the married couple without kids who treats their pet like an actual human being? Those people who take their dog to doggie day care and look forward to the "pawgress report"....But let it be known, we have no shame. 

My husband and I don't always agree but we have bonded over our love of animals and dogs specifically since day one. After we brought Fitz home, I will admit, the first few weeks of puppy life were challenging and I may have uttered the phrase, "take him back!" more than once. I may have even compared our new life to Lisa's life with children...sorry for the comparison, Moms, but in my mind, it was another life I was responsible for and that was new to me. 

Flash forward a year later and this adorable lab/pit mix is our pride and joy...our family and the one makes us the three best friends anyone could have. 

He has a wonderful temperament and will kiss you until you can't breathe. We can leave him alone all day and he will never destroy anything in the house..mostly because that would get in the way of him snoring on our Tempurpedic bed. Hey honey, remember when he was never going to sleep with us? Oh and he will sleep until 9:00am, never waking us up early to go outside...not going to be the same way with kids, my friends ;) 

He truly feels like our four-legged son so it's important to us to keep him healthy and happy. We regularly bring him home new treats and these grain-free Greenies have become our go-to in the health department. Like I mentioned earlier, kissing attacks are frequent and sometimes his breath is LESS than unpleasant so we started giving him these chews to help clean his teeth which we're all thankful for! Not to mention, they are great for join support which is something we have to be weary of with labs.

Eyes are wide and ears are perked...there must be a treat in somebody's future ;) 

What are your go-to dog treats? Anyone else feel like they have 4-legged children?