Monday, June 15, 2015

Blackhawks & BBQ

Let’s be honest, weekdays at  the office have a tendency to drag on for what feels like weeks so I love having things to look forward to in the evenings. Lately, that’s been making a fun dinner and watching the Hawks try for another Stanley with (both) of my boys. Planning evening events keeps me motivated at work and in a good mood because I know I am going to home to something happy. With that said, you just can’t help but be exhausted by 5:00 some days and THOSE are the nights I turn to pre-made meals that can be thrown together in minutes.

This combination is my new weeknight favorite…the pulled pork & loaded mashed potato combination was amazing, especially since my husband and I have a fridge full of different BBQ sauces (#awesomesauce?) so we were able to add our own flavor to a meal that otherwise, pretty much made itself. I went to work, went to spinning (my new favorite…I know, I’m late to the party) and pulled this dinner together in 5 minutes, just in time for the game…which by the way they lost, but that’s another story for another beer. 

We simply toasted some bread and made pulled pork sandwiches complete with our favorite IPA’s. This is the new Monday funday... :) 

What are your go-to meals for quick weeknight dinners? 

P.S. Today is a very special birthday in our lives...our Dad (Lisa's Dad-in-law) so we are all getting together tonight for a (hopeful) Blackhawks WIN! 

Happy Birthday to the best Dad there is!