Friday, August 21, 2015

Blogger of the Month: Making Nice in the Midwest

Mom blogger, crafts and DIY extraordinaire, recipe sharing and a style all her own...And they say you can't have it all ;) This month we're featuring Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest. We could spend hours on her site, getting inspired by her love for old movies, scouring gorgeous images of vintage homes and learning how to make our own hand written poster for the home. Not only is she super talented (#GIRLBOSS) and beautiful, but her story is honest and can see yourself in so many of her experiences so it's always nice to wake up, drink your coffee and share a moment with a fellow blogger who makes you think, "Yes! I know exactly what you mean"....

Read a little bit about the story behind Mandi's blog:

"I spent most of my twenties thinking about where to go next. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, I had this creeping feeling inside that I was meant for something more. A bigger city. Cool people to meet. Exciting, creative opportunities to discover and chase. Of course, here I am, rounding the corner on my twenties and still living in my hometown. At first, I felt like I was giving up on my dreams by not moving away. 

My husband Phil and I were fresh out of college at twenty-four years old. We had no kids, no mortgage, and could potentially make a life wherever we wanted. So, why stick around? Maybe it was a shift in our priorities, or maybe this is just where God wants us to be, but it’s as if one day we woke up and couldn’t bear the idea of leaving this place...

I had discovered that there are amazing, creative, like-minded friends to be made right here at home, and great opportunities just ripe for the taking. We looked at the numbers, and knew we could much more easily live a comfortable life in such an affordable city- even buy a house, and start a family when were were ready! So we put down roots, bought a small, mid-century ranch, and even had that baby. And never moved to the big city.
I’ve finally realized I haven’t settled for anything by settling down in my Midwestern hometown. Phil and I don’t regret sticking around and becoming productive members of the community, encouraging people we meet, especially those who feel disappointed about being here. Instead of focusing on what we haven’t gotten to do, we’re taking advantage of the opportunities we do have and living with a positive outlook on life. I think shifting one’s perspective is the key to being happy wherever you are, and engaging in your God-given passions is certainly a plus! That’s what I’m all about, and that’s why I started this blog." - Mandi

Who inspires you? What bloggers do you follow on a daily basis?