Wednesday, January 20, 2016

May the Force be with You

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So we saw Star Wars, The Force Awakens again! The hubby and I saw it on opening night, but not only was the theater packed, it was not in IMAX (oh the horror!). We had to rectify that and see it in IMAX 3D to get the full experience. Especially now that we had read all the spoilers and had our own theories as to what will happen next and who is really who. 

Since the weather in Chicago is brutally cold, the options for outdoor photos have gone out the window, as in my camera literally does not work outdoors on subzero days! Thankfully I have zero shame, nor does my love, so we just took photos inside the theater before our movie started. Yeah, we are those people. 

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My weekend wear tends to be more relaxed, especially when one is out until 2:00am the night before.  Oh what a night! Skinny jeans, a loose long sleeve tee, and a sweater coat was the perfect outfit for sitting in a reclining chair and watching this flick.  We noticed things we didn't the first time around and have even more theories now! And obviously the relaxed top was great for eating handfuls of popcorn. While we are on the topic, why can't you just eat one piece of popcorn at a time? No seriously, it's the only food where we shovel into our mouths with no fear of choking. No plans to stop, just food for thought (pun intended). ;)

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Sweater: Express & Ring (both sold out) // Jeans // Top // Bag & Boots // Necklace: EG Jewelry 
Poster c/o AMC! 

How many times have you seen the new Star Wars? 
I am assuming you have all seen it at least once!