Monday, January 18, 2016

Ready Set Snack

Everyone loves to snack, so why not make sure you are snacking smarter? My husband and I recently started using the snack delivery service NatureBoxEach snack from NatureBox contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. 

OK, real talk people. When I grocery shop, I am really good at sticking to my shopping list. A little too good as I rarely come home with extras or fun snacking options (unless they are on said list). This sparked a snacking search under the hubby's bottom and alas, we now have great snack choices that are shipped to us as often as we'd like! Now let's talk about what kind of snacks. 

 photo IMG_7742_zpszmjjh5tf.jpg  photo naturebox_zps1lujdo4c.jpg 

Our first NatureBox arrived with our first five choices; apple cinnamon crunch, sriracha roasted cashews, french toast granola, coconut cashews, and aged cheddar lentil loops. You also have the option to fill your online pantry so as each shipment is sent, it is all items you will love! We have about 50 items currently in there. Everything from dried fruit & yogurt covered pretzels to oatmeal cookies & pistachio power clusters. Yummo! 

There are a few different prices and delivery dates, but ultimately we went with five snacks every month for $19.95. (Get 50% off your first box here!) You can get deliveries more often or have less or more snacks in your package, but this was the right fit for our budget now. 

 photo IMG_7740_zpsveqbebma.jpg  photo IMG_7741_zpsvaqpumk9.jpg
I am so excited about this snacking service, I wish we would have discovered it sooner. They truly do have something for everyone and every diet (yep, lots of GF options for my son too!). Don't forget you can get 50% off your first box by clicking here. Happy snacking! 

Have you ever tried NatureBox? What are your favorite snacks?