Friday, April 1, 2016

2-Ingredient Iced Coconut Latte

When it comes to vices, iced coffee is my number one. I didn’t start drinking any kind of java until a few years ago when I had a sip of Dad’s iced concoction he made at home and instantly fell in love. No matter what season it is, I still prefer iced over hot…unless I’m turning blue from the AC blasting in my office (which is often P.S.!) To everyone's dismay, I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine…yet, that is. I imagine once I have children, I will rely on it for survival, but for now, it’s just the comfort of the taste that I enjoy so much.

However, I would go broke if I indulged in a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee (my fave!) every morning so I decided I had to get better at making a similar drink at home because let's be honest, would I rather spend money on coffee or clothes? Life is full of tough choices ;) For the longest time, I gave up on making it at home because it just never tasted the same but I recently put together a combination that has become my go-to for the morning and guess what? It's only TWO ingredients if you use a Keurig, but you can totally modify this in any way you want. I just wanted an even simpler process than brewing, straining and storing cold brew.

I use: 

(2) Green Mountain Island Coconut K-Cups
1/2 cup (or your desired amount) Toasted Coconut Almond Milk
1 packet of Organic Stevia...depending on how sweet I'm feeling ;)

The directions are embarrassingly easy...Just brew your K-Cups and store in fridge overnight or for an hour when you wake up, then add desired amount of ice. Add coffee and top with milk for a refreshing coconut combination. I love bringing this to work in the morning because with a little breakfast (like avocado toast), it usually helps me stay full until lunch. If you want to sweeten it up a bit, throw in a few coconut flakes or sprinkle cinnamon/nutmeg on the top.

homemade dish from Currently Making

What is your favorite iced coffee recipe?