Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog of the Month

Sometimes you just come across one of those bloggers who you know you would instantly bond with in real life. The fact that "crazy dog lady" is used to describe her personality is enough in itself but add in the gorgeous outfit posts, fun DIY's and colorful imagery and you can't help but think, this is squad goals. 

Hannah of Champagne Lifestyle is our latest #WCW because her photos always feel fresh and playful, making her blog and IG posts a don't miss in our regular scrolling :) Not only does she have great style but she proves you don't have to break the bank to live a full life in either of her worlds, whether it's the fashion side or the colorful one of interior design

Here are just a few examples of why Hannah's content always makes us smile:

Seriously, how much fun is her style? When one person can expertly channel boho chic, retro mod and contemporary trends, it's impressive and inspirational. Contrary to many other aspects of life (career, status, politics), fashion doesn't require you to claim a style or era when it comes to your clothes...we are free to be chameleons and change it up as often as we'd like which is sort of the best part. 

And P.S. we envy anyone who can pull of side swept bangs like this. Effortless and flirty, we love!

Fellow girl bosses - Which bloggers are part of your daily reading? 
What makes them stand out?