Monday, April 18, 2016

Workouts on the Lakeshore Path

I love working out this time of year at our lake house! We gain access to the 21 mile lakeshore path that runs through Fontana, Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Linn Pier, & Big Foot State Park. Sure, you can attempt it all year round but I'm not a huge fan of ice. ;) It is a goal of mine to one day make it all the way around, but for now I like to walk it a few miles at a time. The scenery is like no other with the lake on one side and multi million dollar houses on the other. It is always fun to see how people decorate their piers, patios, and yards. Plus all the different trees you pass on the way just make it one of the most breathtaking and soul recharging walks you can take (in my opinion). 

I was recently gifted a few items from MPG Sport and I have to say these threads are top notch! I am serious, the quality of all three pieces I received are the highest quality workout clothing I currently own. Hands down! They are comfortable and make it easy to get into your workout and feel confident while doing so.

I love the hooded top and capri pants, but this jacket stole the show for me. Again, the quality is so amazing and the material is breathable yet still kept me warm on the cooler morning. I can't wait to wear all of them more going forward as they will easily mix and match with my current workout wardrobe. 

I've said it before and I will say it again, I always feel better woking out when I'm wearing great clothes. These new MPG Sport items got me excited to get out there and get moving. I guess the saying is true, clothes really do make the man (or woman I should say)! 

Jacket, Top, and Pants: c/o MPG Sport // Shoes: Sketchers / Sunglasses: Ditto (use code sisters20 & get 1st month designer glasses FREE!)  

Have you tried out MPG Sport yet? Where is your favorite place to go for walks in the warmer weather?