Friday, April 15, 2016

Unlock Your Personal Style with Trunk Club

Imagine this: Your doorbell rings, you find a large box sitting on your doorstep. Upon unwrapping the elegant packaging, you find a beautiful collection of seasonally-appropriate clothes and accessories, all handpicked for you. Eyes grow wide and wonder sets in: Can this really be for me? But the real impact is made when you try on every item and realize the fit of each piece is virtually custom tailored for your body type. This, my friends, is the Trunk Club experience...

 Ladies (& gents), I had been wanting to try the service for a while but always figured, I enjoy the process of shopping for and selecting my own clothes. But with my current crazy schedule and a recently cleaned out closet, I figured it was a great time to hand over the job to the pro's. On that note, the whole process starts by chatting with one of their stylists to discuss your style, preferred brands, sizes, etc. Then, before the trunk gets shipped out, you receive a preview with the opportunity to change anything out.

When the box arrived and I tried on the items, my worst fear came true: I liked almost EVERYTHING! The pieces are super high quality, putting some of my F21 pieces to horrible shame. Trying to be budget conscious (you're welcome, hubby), I picked out a few staple pieces that I know would remain timeless over the coming years and would allow me to get the most wear out of them. This process also gave me the chance to try a few different items that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself, like this shirt for example. I probably would have seen this in a store and thought, that will be too short on me or this will not work with my chest ;) However, I ended up LOVING it and can picture myself wearing this to everything from a Summer fest to date night. 

 Keep in mind, if you don’t love something in your trunk or you need a different size, you have 10 days to send it back or exchange it. There are no subscription or styling fees and shipping is always free! You only pay for the items you decide to keep…but buyer beware, you will most likely want to keep it all so have your willpower in check because this isn't the most economical venture :)

Have you tried Trunk Club? What did you think of the service?


Top: Topshop
Jeans: DL1961 
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Sunnies: Illesteva
Earrings: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
Lipstick: Glominerals "Sorbet"