Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Red, White and Chambray

It's that time of year again.. obviously I'm referring to Christmas in July, or as most of you know it, the 4th. It's my second favorite holiday -- the epitome of Summer, where everything wonderful about the season comes together: Sunshine, bbq's, good company and time by the lake. 

This will be my 18th year of watching fireworks on the pier. That also means 18 years of eating my Mom's famous pasta salad for lunch but enjoying it even more when it dig in for round two at night. 18 years of walking down to the lake for a mid-day swim (7 of which have included red solo cups full of something spiked to enjoy on the way down). 18 years of my brother purchasing fireworks at a roadside tent and insisting we set them off, despite my Mom's continuous warnings that the neighbors will hate us for it. 18 years of bacci ball competitions and more recently, bags tournaments to kick off the festivities. And probably one of my fondest memories, 18 years of watching "What About Bob" in the basement theater with cousins and friends...some of us falling asleep mid-way through, some of us quoting every line ("A vacation from my problems!").

Sometimes I can't believe we've been doing these things for so long...but mostly, I just feel lucky to have experiences like these that continue to make me so excited year after year. 

Read more about our favorite 4th traditions here!

I have a few different outfit ideas for our party...Looks like it's going to be a patriotic theme allll weekend long ;)

P.S. Still deciding what to cook this weekend? Try this easy sandwich idea which is great for a crowd & stay tuned for a festive drink post this Friday.


Dress: Old Navy (very similar from ON)
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: Target (and it's under $6!)
Bag: Sole Society (very similar)
Lipstick: "Jetset" by GloMinerals