Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blog of the Month: Ruby Tuesday Matthews

I love following some of my favorite bloggers not only on their blogs and Instagram, but also on their Snapchat accounts. You get an entirely new insight on their daily lives and what they are really like. Ruby of Ruby Tuesday Matthews is one of those people. We are obsessed with her style, gorgeous photography, effortless fashion sense, and when watching her on Snapchat, you can't help but think we should all just be best friends IRL! ;)

Ruby is an Australian blogger and mother to an adorable son named Rocket (how cute is that name?!). Between her Aussie accent, her bubbly personality, and watching her juggle all aspects of her life, you can't help wanting to see more of her. She keeps it super real and talks all about motherhood on her snap, which we love. 

Check out a few of our favorite photos from her blog below:

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Any Snapchat accounts we should be following that you can't live without?