Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Makeup with GloMinerals

When I love something, I love it to the full extent. I latch on and squeeze the life out of it because that's just my nature (ask my husband and dog, both are recipients of this daily). This even goes for material items -- okay, maybe not the squeezing per se, but I definitely become a loyal user when I stumble upon a great brand or product that works for me and glo minerals is a prime example of this. 

Here's how the story goes: A few years ago, I (non-creepily) took a screen shot of our gorgeous blogger friend April wearing a stunning shade of coral matte lipstick and I HAD to find out who made it. Coincidentally, a few months later, my Mom bought both Lisa and I a variety pack of lip crayons from glo minerals and that color was included (it's called "crush," by the way!) and from then on, a true lipstick love affair was born. Since then, we have worn the colors in virtually every blog post (sorry not sorry!), so I was really excited when the glo team reached out about their new Fall line including brow pencils and cream shadow sticks...

My morning makeup routine is fairly simple...a bit of concealer, brow tidying, eyeliner, mascara, blush & lip color. These days, my brows are one of my favorite accessories because if those look decent and I add a coat of mascara, I feel put together enough to get out the door quickly (usually because I've hit the snooze button a few too many times!) That said, I was SO excited to try these brow pencils...I tend to be in the middle of light and dark brown so I opted to try both and they go on so smooth. I regularly use this brow powder kit but powder doesn't give you full coverage so these are perfect for filling in the spaces and achieving a more even look. 

As for the shadow sticks, they are my new FAVORITE. Seriously. I don't wear much eye shadow on the daily because it takes a little more effort than I'd like...apply a base, blend, blah blah. BUT the best part about these is that is just takes 1 or 2 swipes for them to be fully applied and it stays on ALL DAY. Like, I have to scrub fairly hard with my eye makeup remover to get it all off which is actually awesome because I hate when I get home from work and realize I have no color left on my face. 


(used beam & keepsake on my eyes)

I'm certainly no makeup artist but I've always trusted myself to do a pretty decent job for everyday wear and I love the way gold hues help play up blue eyes...By combining a few of these eye shadow shades, I create some dimension for my eyes and bonus - It definitely looks like I spent more time on my makeup routine than I actually did...#MAKEUPGOALS.

What does your morning makeup routine consist of?
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