Monday, May 22, 2017

Maternity Monday: 6 Baby Registry Picks in Gray

I'm being honest when I say I found registering for our baby to be quite an overwhelming experience. Quite different from how I remember feeling when my husband and I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond to register for our wedding. They handed us the scanner and we must've looked like inmates who had just been let out of prison. The store was our oyster and we had the freedom to pick ANYTHING we wanted for our new life together. Me, obsessing over the Kitchen Aid and him, telling me how important it was for us to own a Pizza Pizazz (which was new to me but a staple of his childhood). It was all new, exciting and something we'll always remember.

Registering for Baby A was a little different - While still exciting, I found it to be much more stressful because so much of it was unknown and came with added pressure. When we registered for ourselves, it was mostly about our own vanity and what we thought would look nice in the kitchen or fun appliances we couldn't wait to try out. But this time around, we were picking out items that would shape the life of a new human. This warranted us doing a lot of research - reading EVERY review, scouring Consumer Reports and engaging in a never ending group text with two of my pregnant girlfriends about this vs. that. I also signed up for emails from Lucie's List which has been AMAZINGLY helpful! 

Now, keep in mind, as first time parents, I'm 100% sure we were over thinking some of our choices...years ago, there weren't 50 different kinds of strollers and car seat combos, just one or two made by your standard baby brand and expecting Parents were set. But with so many options on the market now, it almost feels tougher, like you're just shooting in the dark, trying to pick that one item that will make your life easier when the baby arrives. A bassinet that encourages sleep for hours, a stroller suitable for jogging AND traveling and a swing vs. a bouncer in hopes of entertaining your baby at the most necessary times. As long as you're realistic and realize the same mistakes and mishaps will happen no matter WHAT diaper pail you choose, all you can do is go with your gut and trust your instincts.

In the meantime, you can pick out a color palette you love and use that as a starting point for some of the more "frivolous" items which are a little easier to decide on. Our nursery is gray, white and blue so I used gray as a base for things when I could and I started to realize how many cute accessories there are, even for us Mom's. 

Here are 6 of my registry picks in gray: 

Are you just starting out? The Bump has a great checklist to keep your organized! Mom's...What are the most useful items you received from your registry? How did you feel about your first baby registering experience? I'd love to hear!

P.S. I'm sharing the progress on our nursery right here next week -- STAY TUNED!