Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Mothers Kitchen

Mom's blog states: "You can usually find me entertaining. Whether I'm preparing a meal for weekend guests or organizing a get together for my wonderful Family, both top my list of favorite activities."

Wonderful, indeed. 

Starting with my earliest memories, I can recall the sweet smell of chocolate chip pancakes being prepared on Sunday morning alongside freshly brewed coffee which Mom never goes a morning without. This was (and still remains) one of my favorite treats and nobody prepares it better than her. That’s because when it comes to a homemade meal or Family gathering, she is hard to beat. In my mind, Mom always knew how to cook. We rarely, if ever, sat down for dinner to a “heat & eat” meal or something from the drive-thru. We feasted on meat, potatoes, veggies and always dessert…“it’s just something small,” she says. 

Being a whiz in the kitchen also means this woman is never without anything! Whether I'm missing one ingredient for a recipe or can't seem to find my zester (again!), she has me covered. Her stock of kitchen utensils is that of a professional chef and not to mention, she has an entire cabinet dedicated to baking mixes and I should mention, it's never empty. She seldom follows a recipe and that’s how you can tell when somebody truly enjoys the process of cooking…it’s something that comes from within instead of being forced or just routine. The same goes for the atmosphere and presentation when she’s entertaining…nobody else in this world could you feel so loved through a piece of pie or hand-written card. Selfless and sincere, she adds a personal touch to everything…you can’t underestimate the impact of a perfectly placed birthday banner or welcome sign for guests on the 4th of July. It’s these things that people grow to count on because they contribute to making an unforgettable memory and that’s what she continuously does for us.
Between the birthday brunches...

...and the Christmas morning feast straight out of a 1950's ad, you can see how Mom's passion for entertaining and love for her Family comes to life. 

But when it’s our turn to spoil her, be it her birthday or this coming Mother’s day, she insists on no gifts – just time spent together, spent around the table or underneath the backyard trees. There’s no way we could repay her for all our treasured moments over the years, but I’m hoping that using her recipe for a homemade stack of pancakes is a good place to start.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thank you for everything. 

P.S. Check out one of Mom's "DIY" meal stations for our Family weekend in Wisconsin.
..perfect for the weekend!

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