Friday, May 6, 2016

Kaitlyn's Blogging Bloopers: Volume 7

For some reason when I looked at all of these crazy outtakes, I couldn't stop thinking about the Instagram Husband sensation. Maybe it's because when I shoot with my hubs (God love him), he usually ends up rapid firing which leads to a lot of photos where I look like a goon. Or maybe it's because he is a caption creating wizard and I wondered what he would say about these. Fun fact: Before we started dating, we stayed with some friends at U of I for the weekend and ended up in some pretty hilarious situations at the bars one night...#socollege. After posting the photos on Facebook, he left comments on each one and almost every one had me near peeing my pants. I'm pretty sure it was this moment that I wondered, where has this guy been all my life? 

With that said, I figured I would throw it back to those carefree college days and see if he's still got it. In his own words, here are my husband's thoughts on my latest installment of outtakes:

"Do you have this wall in green?"

"What? The ghost arm is the hot new trend of 2016."

"Hell yeah, I'm a m-fing princess." 
(A throwback from our Avril-loving days)

"Nice! I forgot tonight was Dancing with the Stars!"

"What asinine thing would my hubs say about these glasses?!"

"*Snaps* Garson! Another photo shoot, please!"

While he may hate having to pause for food photos before we eat (or it didn't happen, right?!) and doesn't feel the same passion for a fantastically colored wall, at the end of the day, he supports this creative outlet of mine and even shoots a few photos for me...

After all, behind every girl on Instagram is a guy like him, and a brick wall ;)

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