Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Little Namaste Goes a Long Way

Weekdays can feel really long. Let me re-phrase that: WINTER weekdays can feel tremendously long. Especially the last few, which if you’re from Chicago-ish, I’m sure you will agree. Not only are the first few weeks back are the holidays super depressing but it has also been extra Eeyore-style gloomy outside for what feels like, forever. Rain, ice storms, sleet and no sunshine make it difficult to feel cheery or motivated do much of anything. We were blessed with such a beautiful Fall and I had gotten into such a great routine of waking up early to walk the dog, train for the half-marathon or prep healthy meals for the week. But for me, all of these things greatly depend on the weather which has a direct affect on my mood so there’s definitely been more couch sitting, less aerobic activity these days. During Winter, there’s a time for hibernation…until a certain point and then you just get the itch to start the countdown for Spring.

With that said, Winter is here to stay for a few more months so instead of focusing on the negative aspects, I’ve been doing a few little things here and there to make the weekdays feel less monotonous....aka adding a little more "namaste" into the every day. It really helps to have some things to look forward to, even if it’s as small as face timing your friends during the Bachelor to talk about how ludicrous Corinne is (anyone else?!) 

  • Plan a night each week to watch your favorite show with girlfriends. Like I mentioned, I am usually conversing with some ladies during rose ceremonies but even better than that, I look forward to “Nashville Nights,” where 3 of my favorite ladies and I gather each week to watch the show. We take turns hosting and the person who’s turn it is, provides some fun snacks for the group. We’ve been trying to keep these a little healthier so last time, we had yogurt & (homemade) granola parfaits which were super tasty! 
  • Try a new exercise class with a friend. My gym recently hosted a free class of the new version of Body Pump so along with one of my besties, I tried it out and really enjoyed it. It felt nice to do something “out of my routine” and spend some time with her as well. I liked it enough to consider signing up for it on a weekly basis so I consider this well worth the visit (plus, I was so sore the next day!)
  • Make an easy dinner with your significant other. My husband has MANY talents but cooking isn’t one of his top 10. Okay, well it might be but I couldn’t be sure because he’s barely touched the stove in 3+ years. That said, we DO enjoy making one of our favorite weeknight meals together…he cooks the sausage while I make the pasta (similar to this recipe) and even though it’s simple, we’re still side by side and it feels nice to both be contributing. Especially if I put a little Sinatra on the record player while we work…
  • Go out for breakfast or coffee on a weekday. I find that I have a much easier time waking up early on the weekends because usually, it's to get a head start on a fun day I have planned. During the week though, it's not as easy to jump out of bed without hitting snooze a few times. A few times recently, I have met co-workers for breakfast or my Mom for coffee, even if it's just for a half hour before work and it has been a much brighter way to start the day. Instead of diving right into your normal, rushed routine, this makes it feel like you had time outside of work to enjoy yourself.
  • Wear impractical shoes just because you want to. Normally, I would reserve these fabulous glitter booties for New Years Eve or a night out with the girls, but why not pair them with a classic jeans & cardigan combo to add a little extra sparkle? I certainly think the other coffee house patrons found them to be quite a sight at 8:00am :) 


What are your tips for mid week pick-me-up's?


Cardigan: Old Navy (similar)
Striped Turtleneck: Old Navy (very similar)
Jeans: Old Navy 
Purse: Sole Society (Old but similar and so cute here)
Booties: ASOS (indentical under $70)
Hat: Etsy