Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blue Hues + Big News

Style obsessions come and go and coming in hot for me lately, are peplum tops. A little ruffle never hurt nobody, especially a preggo lady looking for an extra boost of flirty and feminine...plus they are super flattering on all body types. I have a growing collection and was excited to add some gingham to the peplum gang -- I jumped at the chance to order this LOFT top (on sale!) because with it being so light, I figured it was perfect for Spring and will pair great with white jeans as well (*tip - as with most things from LOFT, size down with this top...runs pretty big!)

I suppose I love this top because I'm also very into blue hues lately...Perhaps this has something to do with some BIG NEWS we found out last week! My husband and I are still reeling from finding out we have a son on the way. I'm going to have a son...a SON. In case you are wondering, typing those words feels just as surreal as the vision in my mind. I will be honest - For some reason, I was so positive we were having a girl (which makes no sense because it was obviously just a shot in the dark!) But because it's my first pregnancy, I found it fun to play into all the stereotypes and old wives tails, a lot of which made me think bows and tutu's...except for the ladies in my life who thought boy all along because of the way "I'm carrying." Seriously, does any of this stuff hold any truth?

Well, they were right. My Dr. said with much certainty, "looks like you're having a boy!" and I felt slightly blindsided...Sir, I don't have any boy names on deck and I don't know a thing about Matchbox Cars or Dinosaurs (or whatever boy things are cool these days...) But a little while later, I started thinking about my nephew (Lisa's boy) and what a big piece of my heart he has. Like, heart physically hurting when he's in pain or fluttering when he's happy and then I realized it's not about toys or what you "might not know," because it's only what you don't know YET...there's so much time to learn. Soon, I will begin a lifelong relationship with a special boy unlike any other in my life. A gentleman who I hope will always protect me, treat women with much-deserved respect, work hard at something he enjoys and love his Family just as unconditionally as we love him.

I should have figured because it IS customary in my Family for a boy to be born first...I always felt lucky to have an older brother who watched out for me (especially because he's the best one I could imagine), so hopefully we're following that trend. Not to mention, he and my Mom have such a special relationship...they got to spend almost 8 years together before I came along and you can definitely tell how much of her was instilled in him. Her generous spirit and sensitivity are obvious in his actions every day and I love seeing how great of friends they have become. I have so many amazing Mother-son examples in my life and look forward to setting my own soon enough.

Now, back to hanging with my hubs and editing/politely disagreeing over our "baby boy names" google doc... ;) 



Jeans: Destination Maternity (similar)
Trench Coat: H&M
Wedges: c/o Shopbop
Bag: Just Fab (similar)
Bracelet: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
Lipstick: GloMinerals