Monday, February 11, 2013

Peaked my Pinterest: Top Knot with Head Wrap

I saw this image on Pinterest and immediately pinned it on my hair dos board. Whenever I'm in a hair bind, or it's day three of unwashed hair, I always check out Pinterest for a quick and easy selection of ideas.

This style was PERFECT for my day around the house:

1. I flipped my head over and made a super high ponytail making sure I stopped after on the third time pulling the hair through I stopped after I got a small hoop.

2. Next, I pinned the ends of the hair around the base. Using bobby pins, I pinned the hoop down to my head so it was more flat at the base.

3. I don't own any non gym head wraps, but I did have this super cute double head band, so I teased my bangs back using hair spray and place the headband on pushing it slightly forward giving the bang area volume.

End product:

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