Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stay Warm with Skinny Cocktails

 photo IMG_9874_zpstkh4ehnl.jpg

When our family gets together for a weekend at the lake house, we typically head the store and pick up all the ingredients to create a new cocktail...The painkiller has become one of our favorites and the seabreeze is a summer tradition of ours.

Because we're pretty much living in a tundra, we wanted to bring a little bit of the beach to us so we turned to Slim Lizzy's cocktails which can be poured over ice for an easy drink or used in a recipe to add your own twist. P.S. did we mention they're skinny? We each picked a recipe to test out on our family: The Blueberry Cosmo (80 calories) and the Cherry Lime Spritzer (129 calories).

 photo IMG_9872_zps3tpoq8hc.jpg

 photo IMG_9881_zps8t3cywtc.jpg

Both drinks ended up being SO refreshing -- we have been drinking beer, wine and whiskey all winter long so this was a fantastic change of pace and because they are light, we didn't feel too weighed down which obviously meant we could go back for seconds (or shame!)  ;)

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We want to try the Cosmo Mint Lemonade next! What are some of your favorite cocktail recipes?