Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog of the Month: The Fashion Philosophy

If you're looking for a little wardrobe and lifestyle inspiration, we've got a philosophy you might want to adapt. Erica is high on our list of "I want what she has" when it comes to clothes and personal style. Not only is she naturally beautiful but she has a fashion sense all her own. Her individuality shines through perfectly undone ensembles, leaving her looking effortless and leading us to believe she actually DID wake up like this.

So, who is she?

The Fashion Philosophy, is Erica Lavelanet (otherwise known as @ericalave), born n' raised, New Yorker, and Wardrobe Stylist, who plans to save the world one Sheer Layer and Leather Pant at a time. Brooklynite, and Style Savant who believes in the power of Faux Fur and Stilettos, will never underestimate the savoir faire of mixing and matching, and who just can't say no to anything high waisted. Yoga enthusiast. Wine and Stinky Cheese Connoisseur. 

Are you gushing over Erica's closet yet? Who are some of your favorite style bloggers?