Monday, March 2, 2015

More Home Decor, Please!

When it comes to a living space where so much time is spent, it's important to find the right mix of comfort and beauty (love this room by the Fox & She). When decorating a room, I often base everything around 1 or 2 staple pieces so with this look, I started with the tufted leather couch with the rustic brass legs.

It's a gorgeous piece but still looks homey when paired with the throw pillows and sheepskin rug. I love the colors in this design...any coral color combination gets me every time and when it's gold, the results are feminine and romantic. 

Gold & Coral Home Decor

As bloggers, we rack up an extreme amount of hours in front of the computer, so it's important to us that our work space not only be comfortable but inspiring and full of personality. Pinterest is the epitome of office designs that inspire (and let's be honest, provoke extreme jealousy at times), but there are many ways to make even the smallest space your own. 

We love scoping out antique stores and even Craigslist for desks that can be revamped, not to mention table and art decor that you won't find in any IKEA or Target (though those are GREAT options for things like rugs and lighting to brighten up the space)! Can we talk about this wall art? Just stumbled upon Garance Doré, an illustrator who creates who beautiful works of fashion and we may just need both of these pieces for the office. 

Home Office

When my husband and I were house hunting, there were a few things on my "must-have" list: A fireplace, a backyard (for the pup!), a basement and a kitchen island. We lucked out with 3 out of the 4 so I'll consider that a win win. 

However, this doesn't mean I'm not still dreaming of that perfect island where our future children can eat breakfast in their pj's. I have always loved this idea...there's just something so homey about pulling up a stool to the island for pancakes rather than sharing them around the dining room table. 

What are your home requirements?

kitchen decor

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